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Warranty Policy


The company is committed to providing genuine goods, correct types, specifications, 100% new, according to the standards of the Manufacturer.


According to the regulations of each Manufacturer for all technical problems. The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery to the Customer.


The product is damaged due to a manufacturer's fault (technical failure, design error, content, hidden/internal errors, difference from the manufacturer's published quality standards) Customer discovered within the warranty period of the product.

*Note: The following cases will not be covered by the warranty:

  • The product is out of warranty period.
  • The product is damaged by mechanical impact of dropping, breaking, impacting, scratching, denting, damp, rusting, leaking water or caused by fire or natural disaster.
  • The product is damaged due to improper use of the manual, using the wrong voltage.
  • Arbitrarily dismantling, repairing by individuals or technicians not authorized by AZCOM Company.

In case of detecting product defects, Customers need to keep the status quo and promptly notify AZCOM company. AZCOM company will send technical staff to check (for goods subject to on-site warranty) or customers with warranty claim to AZCOM office to check.

In the event that defective goods fall within the scope of the warranty; AZCOM company will carry out repair or replacement measures free of charge for customers.


Customer Care Department – ​​AZCOM Company
Address: No. 25 Lot D21, Area D-Geleximco, Le Trong Tan Street, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Phone: 024 2200 3435 / 024 2237 6268
Hotline: 0968 403 138

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