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Delivery policy

Based on the delivery time specified in the order/contract, Azcom Company will prepare the goods and deliver the goods to the Customer in the following manner:

  • Delivery at Azcom's transaction office (No. 25 Lot D21, Area D-Geleximco, Le Trong Tan Street, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi)
  • Delivery at Customer's location. Azcom will arrange for employees to transport, deliver goods directly to the customer's location or use a 3rd party forwarding service (including KERRY courier service or UNITED
  • The costs of transportation and delivery to the customer's location will be agreed upon by both parties when quoting and placing an order.

In case there is a change in delivery time, place of delivery compared to that specified in the order/contract; both parties must promptly notify each other.

Azcom company is exempt from liability in cases of delay in delivery due to force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, floods, strikes, riots, restrictive government policies, etc.

Right at the time of receiving the goods, the Customer is responsible for checking the type and quantity of the goods in the presence of an authorized representative of Azcom in the case of direct delivery and signing the delivery note. which confirms in writing the quantity and type of goods actually received for Azcom.

In case of receiving goods from a 3rd party forwarding service, the Customer is responsible for checking that the quantity, weight, seal and condition of the parcel are consistent with the information on the Bill of Lading/Shipment note below. witnessed by an authorized representative of the freight forwarding company and signed the  Bill of Lading/Consignment note. Within 12 hours after receiving the goods from the shipping service, the Customer is responsible for checking the details of the quantity and type of goods and signing the Delivery and Delivery Minute, which confirms in writing the quantity of the goods. and types of goods actually received and sent back to Centech (via courier, fax, email).

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